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We Design & Optimize your site

We can bring awareness to your local area that your business exists. We will make sure that search results display a proper representation of your company and its website pages. When visitors come to your site it will load fast so they don’t leave because they were waiting too long. Once they are on your site, we will keep them there with content that’s neatly organized in a visually friendly manner. If they decide to leave without becoming a customer, let’s entice them to come back with strategically placed, lead generating offers that they just can’t refuse.

01. Rank Higher in Search

Rank on the first page of local search results & generate more leads.

02. Lower Bounce Rate

Produce great looking pages, engaging content & improve conversions.

03. Convert Visitors

Introduce lead generation services such as exit intent and live chat to increase sales.

04. Sell More Goods & Services

After our optimizations your website will look great, convert well & sell like crazy.

Website Services

01. Speed

Page speed is a major ranking
factor in google search results.

02. Performance

Your business needs a website
that runs as efficiently as possible.

03. Optimization

Both Google and your visitors
like a well optimized website.

04. SEO

Does your business exist? To let
people know you will need SEO.

05. Security

Don’t let your website get hacked
and then blacklisted by Google.

06. Maintenance

Without regular maintenance
your website could cease to exist.

07. Repair

Repairs are always a hassle.
It’s best to get them fixed fast.

08. Others

We offer many of other services.
Don’t be shy to check them out.


Just 1 second delay in site speed can be a 10% loss in sales. Lets boost that load speed and increase your revenue for a better ROI.


Going beyond standard site speed and SEO we optimize your theme, hosting, security, site architecture, lead generation and much more.


We all want to rank higher, get found and sell more and with the proper white hat SEO techniques you’re sure to come out on top.

We Have


We have over 10 years of experience building and optimizing wordpress websites. We focus on hosting and server-side performance as well as page speed optimization and SEO. We make sure your website is displayed properly in google search results. We keep visitors on your website longer and have them coming back for more.

Why Choose Us

Akamai WP is a Sacramento SEO and website design company. We specialize in user experience website design, lead generation, digital marketing, brand awareness, page speed optimization, On Page SEO, Local SEO and SEO Audits.

The sites we build and optimize tend to rank high in google search results, stand out from the rest in both design and functionality and offers a unique visitor experience that will surely outperform your competition. 

We find great pleasure in helping our clients achieve their goals and we look forward to working with you too.

  • 10 Years Experience in Web Design
  • 6 Years Experience in Optimization
  • 3 Years Experience in White Hat SEO

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